A Date with Asmau Premiere

A twist of faith, self and fate, A DATE WITH ASMAU tells the story of Asmau (Kabirah Kafidipe), a presenter of an Islamic programme on TV, in her early 30s and who runs an NGO that supports women and children welfare. She is respected for her tenacity, kindness, and truthfulness. But she faces a lot of challenges and insecurities later in life, including the one associated with her marriage to AbdulWahab (Ibrahim Chatta) until her fears become a reality.

The story written and produced by Kabirah Kafidipe tend to dissect the issues surrounding polygyny as it has been practiced in our ummah, and profound solutions to the worries of many.

The movie will be premiered at the ROUND TABLE SERIES BROUGHT TO YOU BY KABIRAH KAFIDIPE on the 11th October 2020 at the Ostra Halls & Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos, between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Register for the event at https://forms.gle/L3kJJF7aVzakmvnE6 gate fee only at ₦2, 000. The movie will also be premiered from the same day, starting at the same time on MUSLIMCHANNELS.TV Subscribe to watch now at https://www.www.muslimchannels.net/subscription-plan

A Date with Asamu Trailer

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