Resurrection Ertugrul

MuslimChannelsTV brings to you Turkish Masterpiece, Islamic themed drama based on historical fiction adventure. RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL is a movie series with a blend of historical essence and a taste of modernity. It is a high-quality production movie marked the best breakthrough Turkish TV series 2014 till date. It remains one of the most-watched TV Series and has been a success not just in Turkey but in 60 different countries.

This series produces a unique, brave and ambitious heroic protagonist ,Ertugrul Ghazl, determined to correct ills and end corruption. He strives with his strength and bravery to promote justice; protect the weak and innocent; uphold unity and brotherhood. He did not just rely on his strength but also rely on Allah. He takes his guide from  Quran, Hadith and Sunnah of the Noble Prophet (Peace of Allah be upon Him).

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL provides a perfect alternative for Western ideological gimmicks throughErtugrul’s character which in all humility and honesty portrays Islamic values in contrary to  biased and sentimental perception of Muslims  all around the world. The series looked back into the 13th century of Islamic History and provides a renewed insight into the major events at that time.

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL episodes are not just entertaining but thought provoking as they instill in viewers powerful life lessons that one can resonate with.

A fan of the movie noted, “What’s good for my kids is that they see these characters who say As-salamu alaykum, they put their trust in Allah like we all should be doing. They pray like we do. They put their dead in the ground just like we do.” 

One amazing thing about this movie that you will not want to miss is its naturality and expression of family values, cooperation and display of empathy towards humanity.

You definitely want to reinforce this in your home, don’t you?

Muslims globally have been inundated with foreign culture through movies and other media recipes. This TV series is a masterpiece that provides the most relaxing alternative. You don’t have to be bothered about nudity, obscene scenes, alcohol, gambling and other vices that are infused through the mainstream media. Because every scene in RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL reinforce what you know and reminds you of the beauty of Islam.

By MuslimChannelsTV Blog Team – AbdulRauf Arikewuyo & Faizah Tijani


  1. If you are yet to watch this then you “have” missed so much. Every episode worth the time spent on it.

  2. Maa Shaa ALLAH

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