Subscription Steps:

  1. Go to the subscription link to register
  2. Click Sign up on A Date With Asmau – 48hrs Access Plan
  3. Register – make sure to create a unique password & accept terms & condition.
  4. This takes you to the home page once you click Register, on the home page click my account at the menu on the left top corner.
  5. Inside your account, click subscriptions tab and click FINISH PAYMENT to reveal the account details – Enarrate Limited Sterling Bank Account No: 0501448036 – Pay with your name and email.
  6. Email us at your evidence of payment to confirm your subscription.
  7. The steps are easier, the list makes it seamless for everyone ?

You don’t want to miss this AWESOMENESS!

A Date With Asmau Premiere on MuslimChannels.TV 11th October 2020
Watch the trailer here –

Subscribe to the early Plan at N500 only and N1000 on Premiere day Bi’idhnillaah!

Let’s support our own.
Jazakumullahu Khayran!

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